6 Benefits of Home Glazer wood polishers over local wood polishers

6 Benefits of Home Glazer’s wood polishers over local wood polishers

6 Benefits of Home Glazer wood polishers over local wood polishers

Everyone dreams of a home imbued with loads of sweetness and comfort. The alluring appearance and comfort of your home considerably rely on the newly bought or refurbished furniture combined with the proper placements. Moreover, wooden furniture is substantially prevalent in houses owing to its classy looks and versatile nature. However, everything goes through the aging process, and so does your furniture. Maybe your grandparent’s chair is what you love the most and want it placed in the vicinity of your home. But due to the faded polish, it might degrade that alluring appearance that your home upholds. Besides, your wooden doors or windows after some years start urging for a makeover. Thus, there arises the need for top-tier wood polishing services which your local wood polishers cannot provide. To elaborate, we will shed light on the benefits of hiring Home Glazer’s wood polishers over local wood polishers.

Here are the six benefits that you should consider before choosing the services. So, without any further delay let’s get straight to it.

1. Superior Quality Equipment and Material

There have been many occasions where you needed the services for some work. The foremost thing to keep in check is the quality of the materials in the polishing process. Using the inferior quality might further degrade your wooden furniture. Here, Home Glazer uses the best quality materials. We use a range of high-quality materials mentioned below.

Polycoat Coating:– It refers to a protective layer of emulsified thixotropic bitumen which is highly viscous. It comes in handy in providing the adhesion factor promoting further layers of coating on the wood. Besides, this protective layer upholds the waterproof property.

Melamine Polish:– It is mainly wooden polish that fills up the wooden pores, protecting them from hot and cold surfaces. It gives a glossier finish to the wood instead as well as the matte one.

6 Benefits of Home Glazer’s wood polishers over local wood polishers

Duco Paint:– It is first-grade air drying paint that is popular for its superior color retention. Our professionals prefer to deliver the matte or gloss finish as per individual needs.

PU (Polyurethane) polish:– It is a clear polish responsible for providing shine to the natural wooden surface. It is effective in protecting the wood from weathering, corrosion, and other degrading processes.

PU paint:– It is a 2-component acrylic Polyurethane paint that is resin-based. It is known for providing the shine that you would admire combined with excellent color retention.

6 Benefits of Home Glazer’s wood polishers over local wood polishers

Home Glazer never compromises the quality of the material they use combined with the fully upgraded equipment for quick and efficient wool polishing.

2. Skilled and Professional Staff at Home Glazer

While hiring any type of service for your work, another aspect for which we should be wary is their skills. With profound field experience and extensive training, the wood polishers of Home Glazer cultivate the capability to transform your decades-old furniture, including chairs, tables, or racks into, as new as your home. The company has over 35 years of expertise in this field. Home Glazer makes sure that every associated wood polisher undergoes an extensive training program to learn the ins and outs of this field. These certified craftsmen have years of experience to deliver the outcomes as per your requirements. They know updated and constructive techniques which facilitate making your furniture durable and healthy, ensuring the long life of the furniture.

3. On-time and Satisfactory Services

You can hardly find anyone person who is not concerned with the timely delivery. In any service, timely delivery is considered one of the deciding factors in rehiring the service providers. This aspect is effectively taken care of by the wood polishing professionals of Home Glazer. Firstly, they come at the notified time as discussed beforehand to obviate any potential inconvenience. The work starts on time as promised. And with the use of effective techniques and advanced tools, we complete it within the stipulated time.

Secondly, we will provide the work earlier without any pressure on wood polishers. We do your work without compromising the quality in any way. Mostly our wood polishers work overtime to complete the assigned polishing work just to be sure of quality and time.

6 Benefits of Home Glazer’s wood polishers over local wood polishers

4. Polite Attitude with Complete Safety and Cleanliness

All the professionals at Home Glazer, we hire while confirming respectful behavior as a mandatory requirement. If you are someone with curiosity and want to glean about the wood polishing process while ongoing work, no problem. Our well-mannered wood polishers will politely satisfy your curiosity with their extensive knowledge, which is not likely with local wood polishers.

Other than that, we prioritize your safety first. As the wood polishes contain chemicals that might have potential complications. So, we use proper safety instruments like masks and advise the nearby people to do so. The best place for polishing is either a properly ventilated or open space. No spots of any polish or paint are left behind as employment of appropriate instruments and covering sheets is the priority.

5. Free Visit and Supervising

If you contact Home Glazer, our representative will first visit your place and provide free consultation and dedicated supervising, which might not be the case with local polishers. The wood polishers will provide the consultation about the condition of the furniture and give you the details like the time required, a place where it would be suitable to do wood polishing.

6. Available Whenever You Need

Did you get free on Sunday? No worries, book the appointment on any day of the week. We are available during the working hours on all seven days of the week. We value time and money, and hence, you can book the polishing services in no time, and we will be available in Delhi and NCR areas within the stipulated time.

6 Benefits of Home Glazer’s wood polishers over local wood polishers


In brief, the wood polishing services from Home Glazer cater to every personalized and professional need. With our dedication, we form the best alternative to other service providers.

Our wood polishers, being highly trained, uphold the necessary expertise. With knowledge about every wood type, we always deliver satisfactory and impressive work without leaving any regrets. Book your appointment with us today, we will be happy to serve you.

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