20 Best Colour for Front Door | Front door paint colour

20 Best colours for front door

20 Best Colour for Front Door | Front door paint colour

Colours are the most noticeable part of anything we see. They boost the beauty of everything they touch. So, why leave our homes behind. And perhaps the first impression anyone gets about a house is from its entrance. Therefore it becomes really important to pick the right colour for your front door. To choose a colour that not only is beautiful but also inviting. A colour that not only shows your taste and style but also reflects the welcome of your home.

Above all gone are the days when the front door was being painted in a simple black and brown colour. Now we have options like never before. So, here are some of the best looking colours for your front door :

Elegant Colours for Your Front Door


Black will never be out of fashion no matter how many colours come. A black front door will sit well in light coloured houses. Off black is a milder shade and fits perfectly with whitewashed houses.

20 Best colours for front door

Newburyport Blue

This deep shade of blue suits very well to the house surrounded by gardens and flowers. In addition, it gives good contrast against light creamy colours to earthen hues.

Hague Blue

This dark, almost black blue strikes as a classy and elegant shade.

20 Best colours for front door

Terracotta Red

An inviting and warm colour that makes your guests feel at home without saying much, this colour suits a good range of house colours.

Devonshire Green

A friendly and cheerful colour for the front door, that gives a sense of calm silence, Devonshire green connects with nature as if it is a part of it.

20 Best colours for front door

Dark Brown

Brown appears in as many shades as there can be, so picking up one colour for your front door may be hard. But there’s a brown for everyone. It suits all sorts of backgrounds and appears classic. It is a strong, masculine colour that feels like a protector.

Citron Yellow

A lemon-like yellow colour that fills your mind with the smell of citrus on the spring wind. Citron is quite charming for standalone homes with plenty of sunlight and will be best for the front door against a light background.

20 Best colours for front door

Folly Green

Folly Green is a cool and calming colour for the front door, it is well suited to areas with more beautiful autumns and to areas with lesser vegetation. When the world sheds all its green, this colour appears to be victorious over it all.

Cheerful orange

A modern and bright colour. For those who have a vibrant personality and want the same for their front door, cheerful orange is a good choice.

20 Best colours for front door


Eggplant is again modern and bright for the front door, which shows elegance and is also vibrant. It is a unique colour and that is probably an edge.

Black Forest Green

A dark and powerful colour, black forest green suits the front door of houses that face natural scenery. Black Forest green is a nice contrast against the bright green of nature. It is a masculine colour just like brown.

20 Best colours for front door

Turquoise Haze

A gentle colour that contrasts the dark colour paint on the house, turquoise haze is a welcoming and soothing colour for your front door.

Stunning Blue

Stunning blue is a rich blue colour for your front door, almost as rich as royal blue, with shades of purple. Just like its name, it appears stunning and is very good-looking in traditional and classical houses.

20 Best colours for front door

Sage Green

A calm, peaceful colour for your front door that is unnaturally quiet. Beven in its silence, sage green stands out. It is a soothing colour and blends very well with the changing seasons.

Umbria Red

A bright and attractive red colour that stands out from the crowd, Umbria red will leave an impression on anyone and they will not forget it.

20 Best colours for front door

Pacific Ocean Blue

A sober colour fit for the front door which is quiet and peaceful, Pacific blue stimulates a sense of calm, the calm of the ocean. In addition, it will especially suit areas with mild winds, giving a more ocean-like feel.

Salmon Soufflé

This is a beautiful and gentle colour that would make anyone at ease. It fits very well with a little blue around it, giving beach vibes to your home through the colour of your front door.

20 Best colours for front door

Copley Grey

This colour is a light shade of grey, that would fit perfectly into both dark and light walls. In addition, Copley Grey colour imparts an old and vintage look to your front door.

Miami Teal

Teal is a very nice front door colour for people living near the sea, even more of your house faces the water. It reflects the cool energy of water.

20 Best colours for front door

Black and White

Black and White together are an wonderful colour combination for your front door. They may be adjusted in any pattern, increasing or decreasing any one of the two. Above all this colour combination fits perfectly with both light and dark exteriors.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a way to update your front door and give it a fresh new look, consider having it painted by Home Glazer. We offer both Duco paint and PU paint options, which are the best choices for front doors. Duco paint is more durable and resistant to fading, while PU paint provides a smoother finish. Whichever option you choose, we’ll make sure your front door looks amazing. Contact Home Glazer today to get started on transforming your home’s exterior!.

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