Professional Painting Process | How to Paint a Room?

Professional Painting Process | How to Paint a Room?

Professional Painting Process | How to Paint a Room?

Surroundings can change the mood, and add positivity and productivity to our daily lives. Changing surroundings doesn’t always refer to taking a vacation or travelling abroad, it can be as simple as repainting a room where you usually work. What’s easier than repaint a room? And what could be more fun? This little change can do wonders for the state of our minds. As everybody knows that new surroundings can bring up new ideas and enhance one’s level of creativity. So, it is very necessary to choose a perfect paint colour and use it properly, you can hire Home Glazer to do this. Let’s take a look at how to paint a room to give it a newer look.

Step 1: Preparing the room to paint or repaint-

First of all, personal protection is very important. So, ensure wearing gloves, eye protection, and change into appropriate clothing before starting. However, if you would not be doing it yourself, ensure that your house painter executing the painting work follows the below.

Since the painter needs access to the walls, we move all the furniture to the centre of the room or move it out completely. Remove wall hangings and set them on a blanket on top of the furniture to avoid scratches. After it, our professional painters use a piece of cloth to cover the furniture and other belongings. If any part remains uncovered then paint may spill on it and ruin the beauty of the furniture. It is also important to remove the removable light fixtures to paint around them as per convenience. If we paint around them we’ll cover them properly.

If we’re painting over a wall with paint that is close to the previous colour, then we don’t need a prime existing paint. Paint won’t adhere very well to rough or dirty so make sure to clean the walls thoroughly. After inspecting the wall for the damage we’ll patch nail holes with drywall compound. Once the walls dry, we are ready to paint.

Step 2: Choosing the right paint colour-

Colour is a very subjective area and different people can like so many different colours hence, choosing colour is not as easy as it may seem. Different colours carry different vibes hence choosing a neutral colour is a safer choice. However, it can lead to an unappealing interior design that is lacking in style. If you know your colour basics, you can make bold colour choices with confidence. If you have decided to be bold and you are ready to make use of bold colours then, the next step is to decide which colour. After you have made your choice, we’ll be all set to paint your dream room. However, if you are a bit sceptical about choosing colours, you can ask your house painters for recommendations and trending colours before starting painting your house.

One of the popular and useful ways to choose a colour is to go with a “seasonal approach”. In this approach, different colours are for a particular time of year: spring has cool, leafy tones, summer has warmer colours that communicate the idea of heat, that are analogues to the turning leaves and autumn produce, winter has deep tones. Alternatively, use colours that are in your favourite painting or photograph to create a palette that you find personally appealing and interesting.

In addition to selecting a colour for paint, you must select a sheen. The sheen refers to the “shine” quality of the paint or the gloss level. Choose the shine as per your personal taste as it will reflect what you are.

Use colour theory as a guideline and as a key, rather than considering it to be a set of inflexible rules. The interpretation of colour will be affected by adjacent colours, environmental factors, and the individual qualities of the observer. Follow your instincts to achieve a result that will be personally satisfying and soothing.

Step 3: Choosing the right painting tools-

When you are done with the selection of colour, mix multiple cans of the same colour of paint into a larger container to ensure colour uniformity. This step is called boxing the paint.

The next important thing to consider is the type of brush we use. Because the paintbrush and roller can also affect the quality of the paint job. The quality of the paintbrush reflects in the price. A quality paintbrush will hold more paint, making the job go more quickly and smoothly. A quality brush provides a smooth result and does not leave any brush marks. Finally, with care, a quality brush will last a good long time and will also look cool.

Choosing a paint roller is pretty straightforward. Most handles will do the job. Better handles have more comfortable grips, have threads that will hold tight to an extension pole, and will hold the paint roller tightly and properly.

Step 4: Painting the wall

Dip the tip of your paintbrush into the paint and let the excess drip off. Then, brush the paint onto the wall starting with the upper corner with the angled edge. Follow along the edge of the wall and work your way down using smooth, linear strokes until you’ve completed the outer perimeter of the wall.

After painting the wall’s outer edges, we use a wide roller to take care of the middle and keep working back and forth over the same section to fill it completely. Then move on to the next wall.

Depending on how deep you want the new colour to come out, we can roll on a second or even third coat of paint. Paint in the same manner in the follow-up coats. Have patience and wait about 2-3 hours between coats to give the fresh paint time to dry.

Step 5: Finishing the task

Adding a subsequent finish layer can add visual interest. The techniques for making a proper texture are really easy to achieve with basic tools. Remember to allow your base layer to thoroughly dry for at least 24-48 hours to achieve the most desirable results.


Nowadays, finding the right and professional house painters for your home takes time and you want to do this right. You may ask friends and neighbours for a recommendation or you can search “Home Glazer” in Google or contact us for the best house painting and wood polishing services. Whatever your search method is, always prequalify the contractor before getting an estimate.

We, at Home Glazer, stick with all these steps as a basic principle before signing the deal with you. We aim to emphasize both the beauty and structural integrity of your living. Whether it is the painting of one room or an entire home. We have expert home painters at hand and view all of our projects in the same manner. An investment in our future and our client’s complete satisfaction. Home Glazer takes care of the fact that this is your dream house and we work assuming your task as our own.  Contact us today to know more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.

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